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A lot of questions about sales Pop like what is it? How will it help to increase our sales? Does it work for our business? Is it expensive? Is it a selling Tool?…

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February 05, 2020

Sales pop is an Influential selling tool that helps to hike your sales. These include recent sale notifications displaying in your store, that help to build credence in your customers. Real-time notification will also surge buying confidence among customers. When the customers know what others are buying from the stores, it sets up a positive influence on customers to buy your products. Before buying products customers will ensure that the site and services are trustworthy or not. Sale pop up will display the recent sales of other customers in your store and make customers build trust in your ecommerce store.

Build trust in your store and create goodwill in customers. If you have an ecommerce store and you don’t know how to add sales pops. Here are some top sales pop ups apps which can help you get started.


Provesrc is one of leading sales pops and social proof applications out there. They support both shopify and other ecommerce platforms. They also provide free plans so you can try it out how the app works.



Nudgify is another leading platform for adding sales pops for your ecommerce stores. They support multiple platforms like Shopify, woocommerce, magento etc. Nudgify give you a free 7 day trial that you can use to try it out whether it works for your store. They also do have a lite plan for 0.99$ that have some limited functionalities.



Postbot is a shopify app that can help you add sales pops to your shopify stores with just one click. They do have some really good themes for sales pop nudges and are cheap compared to other options. They give a 14-day trial and the starting plan is a 2$ plan which gives you features that are needed for small - medium ecommerce stores at that low price. Postbot is only available for shopify stores right now and you can directly install it from the shopify app store.


Sales pop by Cartkit

Cartkit is a shopify application that helps you add sales pop ups and social proof popups to your shopify stores. They are only available for shopify app stores and do give you a free plan which is enough if you are a small store. The pricing plans are a little expensive if you are looking for something more.


Sales pops are not too expensive a method than an advertisement. It is customizable. It will help to increase your sales. If you did not believe you can experience it by using free trial from the sales pop up apps like Postbot. It will influence customers to make trust in them. Those who are visiting your store or site as a visitor and will turn to the customers of yours. Sales pop another sales strategy in the digitized world. Only One-click and it will be changing a lot. Postbot gives you more than enough to get started with such a low pricing.

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